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TechSage SpinJet Two-sided Imposition Proofer

Mueller Graphic Supply is glad to represent the SpinJet 2-sided Imposition Proofing System manufactured by TechSage. The SpinJet is a non-impact accessory to the HP Designjet series printers.

During operation, the first side of the proof is printed from the roll and cut automatically by the printer. The SpinJet unit then reloads the printed cut sheet back into the Designjet, which prints the back side and delivers a complete 2-sided print in the printer's receiving tray. New SpinJet 2-sided Imposition Proofing Systems can come bundled with the HP Designjet 4000 Printer for a Turnkey Solution. However, existing HP Designjet devices that are in the field can be retrofitted to accommodate the SpinJet flipping accessory.

Key Features and Benefits
• Fully automatic double-sided imposition proofing
• Very High speed, accurate quality color output
• Imposition proofing in one operation
• Early error detection and minimization of error cost
• Switch freely between single- and double-sided production
• Printer non-impact solution
• Variety of media types supported

Supported Devices
• HP Designjet 4000
• HP Designjet 5500 - 42" and 60" wide formats
• HP Designjet 5000 - 42" and 60" wide formats
• HP Designjet 1000 Plus - 36" wide format

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