Kodak ELECTRA XD Plates deliver extraordinarily sharp detail and stability, reducing plate remakes and variation due to dot wear and sharpening during the press run. ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates offer an exceptional combination of quality, stability, productivity, consistency and durability, making them an excellent choice for high-quality commercial and publication printing . ELECTRA XD Plates offer up to 56% lower chemistry consumption when used with KODAK 400 xLo Chemistry, when compared to the KODAK 300 Thermal Plate Developer.


Non-ablative, positive working, thermal digital plate with wide operating latitude; optional post-bake for extremely long runs and resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV inks and blanket washes.


High-quality medium to long-run sheetfed and heatset / coldset web offset applications.

Spectral Sensitivity

800-850 nm


1% to 99% @ 450 lpi

Run Length

• Up to 350,000 impressions unbaked

• 1 million+ baked