SONORA XP Plates completely eliminate processing equipment and chemistry. The cost savings make switching an easy business decision. Eliminating the processing step lets printers save on chemistry, water, processor maintenance and chemistry disposal, as well as reducing the significant cost of processing variability.


Non-ablative, thermal negative-working (write-the-image), digital plate with Kodak's press ready technology.


High-quality short- to medium-run sheetfed, heatset web, offset packaging (non UV) and short-run UV applications.

Spectral Sensitivity

800-850 nm


1% to 99% @ 200 lpi

Run Length

• Up to 200,000 impressions with heatset/coldset web presses

• Up to 100,000 impressions with sheetfed presses

• Up to 50,000 impressions for offset packaging applications

• Up to 10,000 impressions for UV