Kodak TRILLIAN SP Plates use up to 70% less chemistry than previous Kodak plate systems. TRILLIAN SP Plates use a low replenishment plate solution that delivers significantly longer processing cycles, reducing overall chemistry consumption and generated waste, helping printers to minimize their environmental impact while reducing their costs. Robust On-Press performance, excellent chemical resistance and durability.


Non-ablative, negative working, thermal digital plate with wide operating latitude; for long runs and resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV inks and blanket washes (with optional post-bake).


Small and large commercial sheetfed and commercial publication (book) applications and certain heatset web, offset packaging and UV print applications.

Spectral Sensitivity

800-850 nm


1% to 98% @ 300 lpi

Run Length

• Up to 500,000 impressions unbaked

• Up to 125,000 impressions for UV